Dimenzi on a mission

We are Nick Elshof and Wietse Westerhuis, initiators of SMART Insight and founders of Dimenzi. Together we have over 30 years of experience as interim managers and management consultants in the Contact Center industry. This has led to a great collaboration, the establishment of Dimenzi and the development of SMART Insight. Over the years – when we focused on managing and improving customer services – we noticed the enormous lack of insights and good management information. Much was invested in improving the working method and results, but rarely on the basis of facts or complete insights.

Often changes are initiated that cost a lot of time and energy and yet do not lead to the desired results. The potential present often remains unused; while nowadays we have everything available to collect the necessary data and insights and use them directly for the optimization of customer experience, processes and team performance.
Based on this assumption, we have started to focus on the really smart management of customer contact – SMART. We have used our insights, knowledge and experiences to develop SMART Insight, so that more can be gained from customer contact.

As committed and dedicated consultants, we help managers and team leaders to manage customer contact more easily and to better align it with the needs and experience of the customer. In addition to our advice and insights, we also offer the skills and support needed to really achieve the desired result.

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