How do you use the greatest potential of Customer Service?

Data-driven value creation is one of the most important trends in Customer Service * at the moment. More and more Customer Service Managers recognize this as well, but do not really know what the potential of their data is and how to deal with it. Why not? Because the regular Business Intelligence (BI) tools cannot provide these insights. In addition, making data accessible is still seen as a time-consuming and complex task. But this does not have to be the case. The potential is there for the taking!

Large amount of data, but what do you make of it?

An average Customer Service department has large amounts of data, but does not have the right means to turn it into intelligent management information.
For this purpose, the standard and well-known BI tools are quickly used, because IT is familiar with them or because many companies use them. However, if we take a good look at these tools, they do not meet the needs of the Customer Service Manager in 2018. Simply visualizing data does not bring the information and intelligence hidden in the data. For this reason, many questions remain unanswered or it takes too much time and man hours to arrive at the desired insight in time. Consider the following examples.

Service level management

Why are we not achieving our target? This is a question that is asked daily or weekly in many contact centers. The answer depends on several variables. Different data sources and calculations are required. With the current BI tools, it is not easy to answer this without human intervention.

The coaching and development of teams

What is the quality of your team? To get a good and realistic picture of this, you need to compare several things. The time required for handling the contact, the quality of the contact itself, the customer’s perception of this and the manner in which the underlying processes are managed. And has the customer been helped satisfactorily in one go? Team leaders and managers spend many hours collecting reports from various systems and making difficult analyzes, if they already do this themselves. Most of them give up halfway, because they can no longer see the wood for the trees. Again, the current BI and reporting tools do not provide the desired solutions here.

Data is only worth something if it is converted into practical advice

Improving the customer experience and the Customer Journey

What are the most important elements of Customer Service that contribute to an improvement of the customer experience? These differ per channel and can be different for each episode in the customer journey.

How do you control these elements? This is only possible if you can relate them to each other by means of good analyzes. Flat figures and beautiful visualisations do not tell the story and do not provide the connections and smart insights that managers need to be able to improve in a targeted manner or to develop teams effectively.

Yet it is possible to form a complete picture of Customer Contact and to easily fathom the complexity of data. SMART Insight is the only company in the market that offers the possibility to easily access multiple data sources and large amounts of data and to generate analyzes and practical advice based on this: for employees, team managers and managers.

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* Door je e-mail in te vullen ga automatisch akkoord met onze privacy- en cookieverklaring.