Full control over your customer service in 2021: challenges and solutions

In 2020 there have been a lot of shifts that many contact centers had to anticipate. Of course we are thinking of the impact of Covid-19 with the consequence that everyone started working from home, but also a complete shift (at the end of 2020 early 2021) to online sales for many organizations.

Personal contact is therefore more important than ever this year in the relationship that companies maintain with customers. Customers are becoming increasingly critical and in case of a bad experience they quickly choose a competitor. In addition, customers now expect even more than ever to be able to reach customer service at any time of the day and through any desired channel.

All these factors add up to quite a number of challenges. Dimenzi shares the most important trends and challenges in customer contact in 2021. And why some contact centers are at the forefront of this and others are not.

1. Improve the performance of individual employees

It is important to focus on the quality and development of individual employees. Due to increasingly better online information facilities, customers are reaching for live contact with more complex issues. This demands more and more of the competences and skills of individual employees. Not only that they help customers well, but also are the Haarlemmer oil of the organization between the demanding customer and inflexible processes and systems. The employees are therefore the mainstay of the customer contact centers.

We see a difference in this for contact centers that are at the forefront of innovation and development. They facilitate their employees better through the use of applications in technology and Business Intelligence. This has an effect on Team and Execution Force.

2. Have a clear vision

From a leadership point of view, we still see too often the lack of a concrete translation of a clear vision on customer contact. If companies already have a clear integrated vision of the added value of customer contact, then they are not well able to realize this in practice. It turns out to be difficult to translate a vision into concrete objectives that can be influenced at the right level within the organizations. Teams and departments are still too often driven by objectives that do not contribute to the parent goal.

We see this as one of the main reasons that there is a lack of development and growth. Companies are not achieving sufficient growth, are not moving fast enough in a new direction, prefer not to take risks with new technologies and are therefore lagging behind the facts and missing opportunities.

3. Knowledge is key

You hear more and more often: knowledge is key. Customer contact centers often obtain this knowledge from data. Contact Centers that achieve good results often have good insight into the performance of their employees, teams, workflows and processes. Companies that do not have this in order send ad hoc.

This may also have to do with the costs: companies that have their data in better order have lower costs per contact moment. In addition, the front runners within customer contact continuously process data into management information and clear reports, which help managers to stay informed and to be able to make the right, substantiated choices at any time. Contact Centers will have to invest in collecting and analyzing data in order to convert it into useful information.

4. Multilevel collaborations

The own team is often in good order: the right attitude, knowledge and competences are present. The main gains can then often be achieved in the cooperation between the different departments. It is not without reason that customers often cite frustration that they have to put in a lot of effort to get their questions answered or resolved. On average, more than 30% of the contact with customers is repeat contact because their question or problem has not been resolved. This represents a major dissatisfier for customers. Nevertheless, many organizations have no insight into this. What are the three main reasons your customers call back?

5. Technology is IT

The greatest gains can be made in the IT field. This is necessary at a time when technological developments are a daily occurrence. Within the customer contact center, the right (modern) tools are missing to work efficiently and effectively. This could also be related to the frustration of customers who have to go to great lengths to get their question resolved or answered.

Many Contact Centers lack the opportunity to innovate, the cause of which can often be found within IT. New applications such as AI, Chatbots, Speech Analytics and Robotics can be of great added value, but can be very difficult to implement in current processes and IT systems or have too great an impact on the IT calendar.

6. Implementing an omnichannel structure

Customers want to be able to contact customer service at any time of the day and through any channel. Think of telephony, mail, chatbots and social media. It’s nice when you offer all possible ways, but you want to have full control over this. Poor facilitation or maintenance of a channel leads to dissatisfied customers. Make all channels transparent via one dashboard so that employees can effectively and efficiently offer the best experience to your customers. Also keep in mind that more channels by definition will not lead to higher customer satisfaction, but will probably lead to more contacts. The front runners have made a clear choice in which channels they use and ensure proper integration of those channels.

Strive for valuable customer contact!

Valuable customer contact starts with understanding customer needs and organizational performance. Dimenzi provides managers with the insights, knowledge and resources needed to improve the organization of customer contact centers. The result? Higher customer satisfaction and better business results.

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