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Convert insights and advice directly into targeted actions for optimal customer service.

What is Dimenzi?

Dimenzi helps managers in Customer Care to achieve their goals and ambitions. We do this by applying our knowledge and expertise and with the help of SMART Insight. In this way organizations, managers and employees can focus on more valuable customer contact.
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SMART Insight & Consultancy

Good insights form the basis for change and improvement. That is why we work from observation and analysis, based on facts to form a picture of the potential of the organization and people. With our knowledge, experience and proven methods, we work together with managers to improve the organization and services of Customer Care.
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SMART Insight

Successfully managing customer contact starts with a good understanding of customer experience and the performance of the customer service organization, in order to subsequently be able to take the right action. That is why managers with SMART Insight are 2 to 3 times more effective in managing customer contact. You will not only see the performance of your organizations, but also the root causes of what you can do to improve your performance.


Dimenzi has a lot of experience in improving business results in customer contact. We do this on a project basis by means of interim management and consultancy.

The performance of our teams has improved greatly with the knowledge we gain from SMART Insight.